06/01/2021 UPDATE

Today marks one year since we reopened our doors after the mandatory shut down from March 2020 to June 1st 2020.  It definitely has been a different year for sure.  The CDC is reevaluating the wearing of masks for individuals that have been vaccinated.  Here at Apple Valley Eye Center we have been watching these developments and weighing the wearing of masks in the office.  Currently, we are still requiring staff and the Doctors to wear a mask when working with patients.  Part of the reasoning is that while the doctors have been vaccinated not all of our staff and patients have had this opportunity.  We would rather wear masks to make those that still need to wear a mask more comfortable in our office.  Hopefully, in the near future we will return to a mostly mask free experience.  Although I may not recognize you when you come in when I can see more of your face than just the eyes!

Thanks Dr.'s Larsen, Ward and LaBissoniere.

So what precautions are in place to for patients? First, we are going to reduce our capacity for appointments to allow more time in between patients, to do more disinfecting/cleaning between patients  and to help with social distancing. 

Second, we are requiring all staff members and patients that want to enter the building to be  properly wearing a mask for the duration of their visit.  We will still be doing Curbside Pickup of glasses, if you would prefer that option.  This will help reduce and hopefully eliminate the spread of COVID through aerosol  droplets.

Third, we will be screening staff and patients for symptoms of COVID or exposure to COVID through a questionnaire and measuring temperatures.

Fourth, all exam rooms, the reception area, counters, chairs, doors and glasses that have been tried on will be disinfected at regular intervals. 

If you need emergency or urgent eye care please contact the doctor on call, 

Dr. Ward or Larsen, at 509-490-1960. 

​Dr.'s Larsen, LaBissoniere and Ward.

(509)966-8801 Office Number

(509)490-1960 Emergency Number

(Note: New emergency Cell Number)


Many people consider vision their most valued sense. Take care of it with an annual eye exam!

Has it been more than a year since your last eye exam or ocular health evaluation?

Are your glasses or contact lenses getting old or scratched?

Do you have new flashes of light or new floaters?

Do you have red or irritated eyes?

Do you have an eye infection?

If you have diabetes, have you had a dilated eye exam in the past year?

Are your contact lenses uncomfortable or dry?  There are new lenses to help with this.

Call today and schedule an appointment with Dr.s Larsen, Ward and LaBissoniere !


 Dr. Ward!

Dr.'s Larsen and LaBissoniere are pleased to announce the long awaited joining of Dr. Mark Ward to the Apple Valley Eye Center team. 

Dr. Ward has been a valuable eye care provider in the Yakima Valley for over 15 years.  He brings with him his expertise and excellent "chair side" manner.  If you have previously seen Dr. Ward you know what I mean, if you haven't we welcome you to call and make an appointment today!

Please take the time to read his Bio and information on the Doctors tab of our website.

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Apple Valley Eye Center has been a part of the Yakima community for over 40 years.  Dr. LaBissoniere started the practice here on 40th Ave in 1976. Dr. Larsen joined the practice in 2017 and purchased the practice from Dr. LaBissoniere in 2018. Dr. LaBissoniere continues to see patients after the change in ownership and doesn't have any plans to retire in the near future.  Dr. Mark Ward will be joining the team at Apple Valley Eye Center as a partner to Dr. Larsen in April 2020.  He will add his expertise and 14 years of experience in Yakima to the clinic.  Together the Doctors have over 79 years of experience fitting glasses, contact lenses and the treatment of ocular diseases. 

  • Emergency Eye Care 

  • Adult and Pediatric Eye Exams

  • Comprehensive Medical Eye Exams

  • Flashes of light or floaters in vision

  • Eye Infections

  • Fashion Eyewear and Contact Lenses

  • Specialty Contact lenses both RGP (hard) and Soft

  • CoManagement of Cataract Surgery​

  • CoManagement of LASIK/PRK Surgeries

  • ​Glaucoma Treatment and Management

  • ​Diabetic Eye Exams

  • ​Plaquenil Retinal Evaluations