Healthy Aging

Most people have a desire to fight off aging to some degree. Because aging is just a natural part of life, a better approach is to develop a plan to age in a healthy way. Understanding the changes that will come and the options you have to adapt to these changes is the best way to maintain an active lifestyle in your later years. This definitely applies to your eye health and vision. At Apple Valley Eye Center Inc. serving Yakima and the surrounding areas, we want to help. Let's look at some ways you can protect your eyes and vision as you age.

Annual Eye Care Appointments

It is important to attend annual eye doctor appointments. Do not wait until you have vision issues to see the eye doctor. Sometimes this means you have waited too late. Many eye health conditions can be treated with early intervention to protect your long-term vision. Early intervention can only be accomplished when you have early detection. Annual eye exams are the best way to stay on top of early detection and protect your vision.

If your vision starts to deteriorate, it will make everything else involved in aging more difficult. You want to be able to maintain your active, healthy lifestyle for as long as possible. Healthy vision will be an important part of this plan.

Updated Eyewear Prescriptions

If you already have a prescription for glasses or contacts, it is important to have your prescription updated at the appropriate time. Using glasses or contacts that do not match your vision needs can cause more damage in the long run.

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