Sports Eye Safety

Many people protect their arms, head, fingers, and legs during physical recreation but sometimes forget about their eyes. Sports eye safety shouldn’t be underestimated because many eye injuries occur yearly. Many of these sport-related injuries might be prevented by wearing the proper protective eyewear.

Choosing the right eyewear, however, might be a challenging task. A Yakima, WA, optometrist on our team at Apple Valley Eye Center can help you choose the best eyewear and treat recreation-related injuries.

Why Eye Protection Matters

Kids can get eye injuries that can hinder their ability to do well in school and that can be painful. Eye doctors may recommend wearing eyewear to protect your eyes while playing.

How Eyes Get Injured During Sports

Games like basketball, wrestling, and water polo are can cause eye injuries, although injuries might happen in any activity. When something scratches, pokes, jabs, or comes in contact with your eyes, damage might occur -- especially if you aren’t wearing the right eye gear.

An eye injury can be incredibly painful and cause uncomfortable symptoms like blurry vision, itching, and watering. Severe injuries might even threaten your long-term vision and general eye health. Luckily, many of these injuries are preventable with the help of an optometrist.

How to Avoid Eye Injuries

Some games require more eye safety than others, and some might not have specific eye protection requirements. Overall, you may need to take measures to prevent injuries. For example, goggles can help protect eyes during basketball, tennis, soccer, and biking. This shatter-resistant type can covers the eyes to protect the foreign objects from striking them.

Visit Us for Eye Protection from Our Eye Doctors

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